Meet Our Corporate Chef

Let’s set the stage.

It’s just another morning for Chef Gloria Picinini. Though she might be in the Pro/Line corporate kitchen in Livermore or on site with clients such as Google and Facebook, Chef Gloria’s food is usually the first to disappear. People line up to taste it. In some ways, she puts the “Line” in Pro/Line.

The backstory.

A native of Brazil, Chef Gloria’s first language is Portuguese though she does effectively communicate in Spanish, as well. She enjoys sharing Brazilian cuisine, as well as dishes from the Mediterranean and, specifically, Italy. Over the course of her career, she’s taught numerous classes with this culinary focus.

Her interest in cooking began as a child, but when the opportunity to attend Johnson & Wales University in Denver presented itself, her dream of becoming a professionally trained chef came true.

Behind the scenes.

It’s more than appropriate to use theater references when talking about Chef Gloria. One of her main roles is presenting, and she’s in her comfort zone during demonstrations in front of an audience. At Pro/Line, she’s had the opportunity to really develop those skills.

Chef Gloria is also passionate about sharing her knowledge and love of food with those who might not have the same level of exposure. Imagine a class full of teenagers with limited knowledge of the culinary arts. Now image that same group listening to Chef Gloria, fully captivated by her knowledge and passion.

Her creativity and mastery has also appeared in a variety of applications ranging from fundraising galas to the NBA. When you meet with Chef Gloria, be sure to ask her about the Kentucky Derby Gala for the Food Bank, or her time as the personal chef for an NBA basketball player. Imagine how creative you have to be to surprise the same client day after day.

The conclusion.

It takes a certain kind of person to see the available ingredients and just know what goes well with what. In that sense, chefs are like composers or actors or directors.

The companies represented by Pro/Line have also seen the skills Chef Gloria provides as both a skilled culinary mind and an engaging presenter, and those skills are also available to you. Whether you’re looking for some creative inspiration for your menu or are looking to maximize the potential of your foodservice equipment, schedule some time with Chef Gloria, and share in her passion for everything culinary.

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