San Clemente has a diverse offering of surf spots to choose from. With 16 breaks in a 5 mile coastal stretch that includes world famous Trestles and Sanonofre. Looking for the flavor of surfing in the 50’? Then San Onofre may be your jam. Lost from the modern world, park on the beach, pull your favorite long-board and enjoy logging vibes. Instead, if you want performance waves then Trestles offers an assortment of breaks depending on your desired balance of crowd and wave quality. There is so much more though, as you can explore the San Clemente coast line and surf uncrowded beach breaks for days.

Lower Trestles

The world famous wave that produces perfect a-frames and mind bending walls that rarely close out. Lowers is the epitome of high performance surfing in California and home to many of the world’s top surfers.

Upper Trestles

Just down the beach and often shadowed by Lowers is another natural wave machine, Uppers. Known for its cobblestone right point break off the river mouth, Uppers has a fun left that typically breaks when the river is flowing.


A throwback to vintage surfing in California, San O’ is a dreamy vignette and must feel experience. Pull up on the beach with your BBQ, long board and chairs. Neighbor vibes are all smiles and the reforming wave and multiple take of places creates a safe and fun playground for surfers of any level.


During school week this is the proving ground for the Surf Team and as muscle memory dictates, many groms frequent the spot to demonstrate San Clemente’s deep surfing bench strength. T-Street is a fun wave with size and has 2 primary breaks in front of the pedestrian bridge.

The Pier

Spend the day beach lounging and surfing at San Clemente Pier. With a better known left that breaks off the north side of the pier and a right that breaks on the south side of the pier.


San Clemente is a place for adventure, culture and recalibration. One of California’s last beach towns, you can experience a unique laid back vibe that is unpretentious and welcoming. The

State Park

Two blocks from House of Trestles is the entry to State Park. Stroll through the native landscape of San Clemente with a short pathway to the beach and beach path.

Beach Path

A short walk from House of Trestles, this 3 mile beach path is a stunning amenity that connects State Park to T-Street, The Pier, Downtown and North Beach.

The Pier

A 200 meter wooden pier, with restaurants, showers and the incredible Bear Coast Coffee. In summer months enjoy concerts at the pier and events.


Two miles from House of Trestles is Downtown San Clemente. With Ole Hanson architecture dating to the origin of San Clemente, the Downtown provides guests with a taste of food, boutiques and salt air in a quaint beach town setting.

The Triangle

At the entry of Downtown sits an assortment of bars, collectively named The Triangle. From the infamous Ole’s Tavern to new upscale bars like JD’s, The Triangle is San Clemente’s nightlife.

Skate Park

5 miles from House of Trestles is San Clemente Skate Park, a two acre concrete park with bowls, transitions, rails, ramps and stairs. With the newly added lights now the park can be skated at night.

Train Station

3.7 miles from House of Trestles is the North Beach Train Station providing rides via Amtrak and Metro. A great way to venture to Los Angeles or San Diego.